February 2021

February 2021

Hot off the presses. We hope you enjoy these updates from our chapter officers and active working groups.

In Solidarity, 

The DSA Ventura County Steering Committee


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Officer Reports


Hi there! I’m Keith, the chapter chairThe beginning of the year has marked some serious progress on the front of building a statewide network of DSA chapters across California. As part of the CA DSA Exploratory Committee, we’ve passed a vision statement for how we build power as a CA DSA organization. Alongside other smaller DSA chapters and Organizing Committees, we also presented a statement outlining the concerns of smaller chapters when organizing alongside larger, metropolitan chapters. Both of these statements were shared at our most recent general meeting to all attendees, if you are interested in learning about these statements or the process in general - please do not hesitate to reach out!


Howdy. I’m Rae, the chapter secretaryThis month, we kicked off the Bylaw Update Committee’s work to write new bylaws for our ever growing chapter. As part of our discovery phase, we’ve set out to read 5 pieces to frame our understanding of bylaws: DSA Chicago document on Bylaw Revision, Why Robert’s Rules of Order, Organization Learning in the Chicago Women's Liberation Union, Consciousness and Action: Historical Agency in the Chicago Women's Liberation Union, and the Sample Bylaws with Required Language from DSA National. We’ll be meeting next Sunday to discuss what we learned and to work on drafting our new bylaw document. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed so far. I’m so excited to help set the stage for the next batch of leaders to take our DSA Ventura County through the next chapter of growth and development.


Hello. I’m Michelle, the chapter treasurer. After months of COVID-19 related delays to get new sigeners onto our DSA-VC bank account -- It finally happened, after a lot of consistency.  During this time it was also noted that the bank we conduct business over the years didn’t have our full legal organization name on file. So that’s been updated.  We will be catching up on some payments that go out manually. As well as sending out approved reimbursement requests (the Healthcare Justice WG purchased some investment items). Please check this month’s treasurer report for more detail. You may learn that we spend $566/year to use Nation Builder, or that it cost $90 for a three year renewal of our website domain name. Happy February ya’ll!

Working Group Reports


Our Outreach working group had a very productive month.  We interviewed some new dues paying members to find out what they are passionate about and where they would like to work within our organization. We found that we have some very talented and energized new members ready to promote education and  healthcare justice. 

We also had success reaching out to the broader population by sending out a letter to the editor of the local newspapers with the title “Socialism good, fascism bad”. Reece Holland presented the original idea and as a group we crafted a letter that was effective enough to be published in at least five local publications, including the Simi Valley and Camarillo editions of the right-leaning Acorn newspaper.   

We also sent out a press release announcing the successful car caravan hosted by our healthcare justice working group. Because of our effort, an article will be posted in the Ventura Breeze on Thursday featuring Ventura Mayor, Sophia Rubalcava, who spoke at and participated in the caravan.

Join the slack channel: #wg-outreach

New to DSA? Interested in meeting other members?

Join us for Coffee with Comrades! 

11:00AM-1:00PM | Saturday, March 6 - and every Saturday after our monthly chapter meeting!

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Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid is planning two outdoor work parties in February! We’ll be building garden beds in the space we cleared last month on two consecutive Saturdays, the 20th and the 27th. This is a joint project with Restore Ventura on the site of their free community orchard. RSVP today!

Mutual aid is member-led and works best when everybody contributes what they can, so please don’t hesitate to initiate your own projects or propose ideas to the group.

Join the slack channel: #wg-mutualaid

Want to get involved?

Mutual Aid Working Group Meeting

6:30PM-7:30PM | Thursday, February 18 - and every 3rd Thursday of the month!

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Sign up to volunteer: https://forms.gle/ufH4acmKsKN7th9n7

Healthcare Justice

What is CalCare? It’s a new single payer bill in the works -- that guarantees single payer healthcare for all Californians.  The California Nurse’s Association (CNA) is working to identify an author and co-sponsers. DSA-VC hosting one of 23 car caravans, that happened statewide on Feb. 6th, to kick off CalCare. Statewide: 1,107 cars RSVP'ed!!  Ventura Mayor, Sofia Rubalcava, made an appearance and gave a speech. As well as Daniel Wilson, who will be contesting Julia Member for Congress and is in support of M4A. Our Cal Care car caravan got a lot of attention on the road and got further publicized with media coverage after the event. The time to mobilize is now!  For the first time in 25 years, we have a governor who pledged support to Medicare for All, and we have Democrats in control in both the Whitehouse and Congress -- the political landscape is in our favor.

We’re also excited to announce the Medicare for All Leadership School – a two-month program beginning Wednesday, March 31, to help leaders in our movement become even more effective organizers. Fill out the NNU leadership form here by Feb. 28th.

Join the slack channel: #wg-healthcarejustice

Want to get involved?

Healthcare Justice Working Group Meeting

7:00PM-8:00PM | Monday, February 15 - and every 3rd Monday of the month!

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Police Oversight

Police abolition work is a difficult business. There are many paths we may take to make our vision of a safe and just community a reality. Our working group has decided to tread one path forged by The Movement for Black Lives by supporting the Breathe Act, a revolutionary piece of legislation designed to re-prioritize funding for community safety. Our goal is to get as many community co-sponsors as possible including our legislators and our local government officials. We have an advantage in that the Illinois Black Caucus has introduced the act into the Illinois State Senate in January. From them, we can learn and continue the process they started.

There are many other paths we may tread. Our current carceral system of justice is multifaceted. A diversity of tactics is needed to bring about revolutionary change. It’s a long road ahead.  Join us! We can travel together towards a future free from the shackles of institutional violence, coercion and incarceration.

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Want to get involved?

Police Oversight Working Group Meeting

7:00PM-8:00PM | Monday, February 22 - and every 4th Monday of the month!

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Reading Group

We're switching things up with reading group! Starting in March, our Socialist Reading Group will be meeting from 11-1 on the 4th Sunday of the month.

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Join us for our next Reading Group meeting!

Socialist Reading Group

11:00AM-1:00PM | Sunday, March 28 - and every 4th Sunday of the month!

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