April 2021

April 2021

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Reading Group 


Sunday, April 25 

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 New Member Orientation


 Thursday, May 6

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General Meeting 


Thursday, May 6 

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Coffee with Comrades 


 Saturday, May 8 

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Officer Reports


Hi there! I’m Keith, the chapter chair. This month, I presented on the first draft of the California DSA organizational bylaws and charter at the general chapter meeting. In order for us to participate, it requires a vote from our general membership. Be sure to check your inbox for a message from us regarding how to vote (by Google Form).


Howdy. I’m Rae, the chapter secretary. I’m so excited by the work our chapter is pursuing. Make sure to read the updates below to get involved. In my realm, the Bylaw Update Committee is nearly done drafting new bylaws for our chapter. Join us at the May general meeting to hear about the proposed changes and learn about the path to ratifying our new bylaws. 


Hello. I’m Michelle, the chapter treasurer. Hope you are all enjoying Spring - I’ve started an herbal tea garden. This month I’ll be looking into renewing our chapter’s incorporation status with the state of California. Our chapter became incorporated back in 2018, and we’ve really grown as a chapter since then. Both in members and available finances. Thank you to all our donors and monthly dues paying members.

Tech Help Wanted!

Last Chance: Join the Tech Update Committee!

Are you a comrade who gets down with the 1s and 0s?

At our March chapter meeting, we voted to kickoff a short project to update our technical infrastructure. We are seeking someone to lead this project, and volunteers to help complete the project.

Tech Update Committee

Purpose: Create a proposal for our chapter to update our technology infrastructure

Membership: Any active DSA Ventura County member may participate

Timeline: April-June

Potential Areas of Definition

  • Goal: Determine the best hosting solution for our needs
    • Maintain contact with comrades
    • Build our website and events calendar
    • Email hosting
  • Goal: Services should cost no more than $500/year
  • Goal: Utilize services and providers that align with our values

If you’d like to get involved, email [email protected] or join the slack channel: #wg-tech

Working Group Reports


Our Outreach Working Group connected with 15 new dues-paying members to see if they would like to volunteer their time and talents to our chapter.   We received two responses and will follow up with phone calls.   Within the last month, one such phone call resulted in the recruitment of the new leader of our Reading Group.  Dylan did a great job leading a discussion of the reading on fascism he suggested.  

We sent out 2 letters to editors - one asked Julia Brownley to co-sponsor Medicare For All, the second called on all citizens to support the Chumash Tribe in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.   The Simi Valley Acorn published the Chumash letter which led to an activist reaching out to and offering to work with us.

We are planning to start a monthly Movie Night for members and others to get together to watch and discuss a socialist-themed film.

Join the slack channel: #wg-outreach

New to DSA? Interested in meeting other members?

Join us for Coffee with Comrades! 

11:00AM-1:00PM | Saturday, May 8 - and every Saturday after our monthly chapter meeting!

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Healthcare Justice

We are so excited for the state wide day of action on Saturday, April 17th.

Please join us to support and promote California Guaranteed Healthcare for All (CalCare).
You can have your friends and family RSVP here. Sign up and Join us!!

Where: Oxnard College, Lot B. 4000 South Rose Ave. Oxnard, CA 93033

When: Saturday, April 17th, 10:00 a.m. arrival

This event is hosted by the Healthcare Justice WG, in collaboration with National Nurses United (NNU) and local activists.  We will begin with a SpeakOut car rally, and then commence a pre-planned route through Oxnard as a car caravan to demonstrate support for CalCare, aka AB1400.

Join the slack channel: #wg-healthcarejustice

Want to get involved?

Healthcare Justice Working Group Meeting

7:00PM-8:00PM | Monday, April 19 - and every 3rd Monday of the month!

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Revolutionizing Community Safety (formally Police Oversight)

We changed our name! Our goal is not simply to institute police oversight in Ventura County but to wholly revolutionize public safety. Thus our new name is: Revolutionizing Community Safety (RCS)

  • Unarmed Civilian Defense training: brought to you by the D.C. Peace Team, we suggest anyone interested check out this link.
  • DSA-VC RCS working group will be hosting the D.C. Peace Team in June or July for their De-Escalation + Nonviolent Communication training. If you are interested in attending please fill out this interest form.
  • We are still working with local activists to implement civilian oversight of the police by following San Diego’s example. One of our members recently had the opportunity to speak to a member of San Diegans for Justice, one of the groups responsible for Measure B in San Diego. 
  • The Breath Act work is on the back burner but we are hoping to put together an event for Breathe Day, September 29th.

Join the slack channel: #wg-revolutionizing-community-safety

Want to get involved?

Revolutionizing Community Safety Working Group Meeting

7:00PM-8:00PM | Monday, April 26 - and every 4th Monday of the month!

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Reading Group

In March, our chapter dove into a close reading of Uberto Eco’s essay “Ur-Fascism”. Led by new member Dylan Whisman, the group embarked on a new approach by watching a slide-show lecture that broke down Eco’s fourteen points of fascism. Supplemented by pictures of fascist propaganda and historical text, participants were encouraged to engage with Eco’s main points and observations. Presented with questions regarding ideology, we were challenged to differentiate our beliefs from the ones depicted in the essay. With the end goal of expanding our chapter’s political literacy, participants were asked to draw comparisons between fascist ideology and modern political rhetoric. The meeting ended with a greater understanding of fascism and fascist rhetoric. Overall, the attendees displayed a great understanding of Eco’s essay and added brilliantly to the greater discussion.  Recognizing the ease of this new approach, members suggested conducting future meetings this way, emphasizing visual learning.

Join the slack channel: #readinggroup

Join us for our next Reading Group meeting!

For April’s reading group, we will be testing this new approach by watching two video essays from The Gravel Institute

  • Why America Sucks at Everything - Explores in detail the shortfalls of American’s healthcare system and work ethic. Comparing America to the rest of the developed world, we will learn how socialist policies are not only logical, but practical.
  • How Socialists Can Win Elections - Narrated by Jabari Brisport, DSA member and current state senator in New York’s 25th district. This video essay will teach us how a socialist candidate can win an election, and how several DSA members and allies have in the past few years.

Socialist Reading Group

11:00AM-1:00PM | Sunday, April 25 - and every 4th Sunday of the month!

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Labor Working Group

Our newly-formed Labor working group is focused on 4 main Local Issues:

  1. Farmworker Protection
  2. Oxnard Amazon Warehouse
  3. Local Carpenters 805 struggle against GREYSTAR
  4. Passing the PRO Act

Join us for our April Labor working group meeting!

  • Jeff Bezos and co are building a warehouse in Oxnard.
  • Farmworkers pesticide exposure is ignored at every level of government.

We have a new labor group to address all of this!

Labor Working Group Meeting

6:30PM-7:30PM | Wednesday, April 13 - and every 2nd Wednesday of the month!

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