2020 Progressive Voter Guide

Thank you for participating in the civic duty of voting!

Across Ventura County, voters are being asked to weigh in on issues big and small.

This guide is meant to help voters select the most progressive choice for each race, proposition, and ballot measure.

Inclusion in this guide does not equal endorsement. This guide was researched by members of the DSA Ventura County Elections working group and has not been voted on by the chapter at large. Endorsed candidates/campaigns are selected by chapter vote.

Voting in municipal and state elections has an incredible impact on our daily lives.

Voting for Carmen Ramirez for County Supervisor District 5 will help in the fight against environmental racism in Ventura County.

In Camarillo, voting for Tiffany Lewis for City Council District 3 will bring a strong voice to demand affordable housing and criminal justice reform.

In Oxnard, voting for Lucy Cartagena for City Council District 4 is the first step towards opening a non-profit center for community services.

Voting Yes on Prop 15 will level the playing field for local, small business by closing a tax-loophole leveraged by rich, multi-national corporations like Sinclair Oil, while raising $11,000,000,000 for schools and public services.

Join DSA to work towards building a better future: dsaventuracounty.org/joinVCdsa.

Local Races

State Races

Local Ballot Measures

State Propositions

County Races

Federal Races



   Candidates who are running unopposed.



   Officially endorsed by the chapter in this election cycle.

Make a Plan to Vote

  1. Select a convenient location
  2. Check the hours and location details in the notes
  3. Drop of your ballot between October 6 - November 3*

*Ballots must be dropped off before 8 PM on November 3 (election day)! DON'T WAIT! Vote ASAP!

Follow Our Google Maps List

2020 General Election Ballot Dropbox Locations for Ventura County

Ventura County Map of 2020 Ballot Dropbox Locations

Questions? Feedback?

If there's anything else you think we should include in this guide, let us know through this feedback form.

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