Cancel the Rents Rally

Cancel the Rents

Join us for a National Day of Protest - Cancel the Rents Rally and Street Meeting.  Housing For All!   Make The Banks Pay!   No Evictions!

For anyone able to canvass Friday & Saturday please fill out this When 2 Meet so we can determine the best time to canvass on those days. You can also check out the facebook event page to RSVP or share with others you think may be interested. What we still need:
  • People willing to canvass for an hour either on the 24th, the 25th, or both if you're able
  • Spanish speakers to help with canvassing, translating materials, and the information session
  • Signs and bodies to show solidarity at the Rally & Street Meeting on Sunday 9/26
Thank you all so much for being willing to help DSA Crew!!

Will you come?

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