COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fundraiser

We are in a national emergency, unlike anything we’ve experienced before. The members of the Ventura County chapter of Democratic Socialists of America are working together to provide mutual aid to our friends, neighbors, and community and we need your help. As you know, many people in Ventura County are in dire straits. Low paid essential workers can’t get to grocery stores in time to buy basic supplies. Some elders and people with disabilities can’t get out at all. In keeping with our socialist philosophy of working together for the greatest good, DSAVC is organizing volunteers to provide services to people in need in a way that empowers the recipients rather than making them feel like “charity cases.” We’re coordinating neighborhood volunteers to do grocery and pharmacy runs. We’re collecting and distributing supplies like clothes, diapers, and soap. (See attached forms to ask for help or to volunteer.) We’re working with local restaurants to provide meals, combining the goals of feeding hungry people and keeping small local restaurants in business during this shutdown. We’ve already established the Solidarity Fund at Danny’s Deli in Ventura and we’re looking for suggestions for more local restaurants to partner with. All of this takes money. If you’ve been wanting to help and you’re not sure of the best way, this is a great time to donate money to DSAVC to help us provide desperately needed services to people in Ventura County.



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