Lorrie Brown - Ventura City Council District 6


Lorrie is a passionate leader and experienced public servant running for Ventura's new 6th district. She is committed to affordable housing, Medicare For All, and being responsible to her community's needs.



Sofía Rubalcava - Ventura City Council District 1


Sofía is a labor union leader and lifelong resident of the Ventura Avenue neighborhood. She knows the needs of working people on Ventura's west side and will focus on housing justice, environmental safety, and infrastructure improvements that will benefit all residents.


AJ Valenzuela

Arthur "AJ" Valenzuela - Ventura Community College Board of Trustees Area 1


AJ is a proud DSA member who believes in expanding universal free public education to the college level. He has the endorsement of the prior incumbent and has already served on the board as student Trustee. An alumnus of VC himself (he attended before transferring to UCSB) AJ's achievements and endorsements are too numerous to list, just take a look at his own website bio.


AJ Valenzuela

California Proposition 10 - Repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act


Prop 10 will repeal the 1995 Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which has effectively banned cities from enacting new rent control for the last 23 years. DSA chapters across the state are enthusiastically supporting Prop 10, both because it will empower local governments to provide immediate relief to working people being forced out of their homes by "market conditions," and because it paves the way for the passage of statewide universal rent control, a crucial reform for anyone that agrees that housing is for everybody.


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