Gayle McLaughlin - Lieutenant Governor, California


Gayle is committed to Medicare for All, free college and making millionaires and corporations pay their fair share. Her extensive background in community organizing is near and dear to our hearts as a grassroots organization ourselves. DSAVC knows she would make an excellent leader for California.


Lorrie Brown - Ventura City Council District 6


Lorrie is a passionate leader and experienced public servant running for Ventura's new 6th district. She is committed to affordable housing, Medicare For All, and being responsible to her community's needs.


John Nelson - US House California District 26


A proponent of free college tuition, Medicare For All, universal Pre-K and more, John Nelson is a progressive candidate looking to make a change for the people of Ventura County who have too long had centrist representation.

Delaine Eastin - Governor, California


Delaine is a tireless educator whose extensive experience and progressive values make her the people's choice for governor of California. Her commitment to both equality and equality of education are what California's children need.

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