Local Measures

 Measure E

City of Oxnard

A NO vote would mean the proposed 1.5¢ local sales tax increase would not go into effect. Sales tax disproportionately affects lower income populations. The broad language of this measure provides no accountability to the public, and would allow the city council to use the of the taxes collected on virtually anything.

 Measure F

City of Oxnard

A NO vote would mean no change to the Oxnard building process. Reducing oversight for development in Oxnard could lead to increased gentrification. Oxnard does not need a fast track for large developers to build.

Measure G

City of Ojai

No recommendation.

Measure H

Ventura Unified School District

A YES vote will renew the existing $59 parcel tax for four years, raising approximately $2.2 million annually for school services.

Measure I

City of Ventura

A YES vote would impose tax rules for cannabis and hemp business in the city of Ventura. The current city council has stated that if this passes, they will take it as a mandate to allow cannabis businesses in the city of Ventura. The tax would be a general tax, meaning the city could use the funds for any purpose.

Measure J

City of Ventura

No recommendation.

Measure K

Ojai Unified School District

No recommendation.

 Measure L

City of Oxnard

A NO vote would maintain the city treasurer role as it exists today.

If passed, this measure would hand a lot of power to the city treasurer, while lessening oversight.

Measure M

City of Oxnard

A YES vote would change the rules for city meeting in Oxnard. The new requirements should make meeting more accessible to residents.

  • Each speaker is guaranteed 3 mins for public comment.
  • Staff presentations must be prerecorded and posted ahead of the meetings.
  • Public meetings must start after 5 PM on weekdays and after 9 am on weekends.

 Measure N

City of Oxnard

A NO vote would keep the current Measure O rules in place.

If passed, this measure would remove funding from the neighborhoods that most need the support.

Measure O

County of Ventura

No recommendation.


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