Active Bystander Intervention and De-Escalation Training

Join DSA's Revolutionizing Community Safety for Active Bystander Intervention and De-Escalation Training

Presented by the DC Peace Team in Partnership with Community Healing Collaborative 

An active bystander training teaches effective skills for assessing, de-escalating, and diffusing a problematic situation, such as intimidation, harassment, abuse, physical violence, etc. Active bystander training focuses on a bystander observing a problematic situation and determining if and how to intervene. An active bystander is someone who not only witnesses a situation, but takes steps to speak up or step in to keep a situation from escalating or to disrupt a problematic situation. This training will also include tips on how to de-escalate a situation if you are being harassed, including drawing on aspects of nonviolent communication.

This is an interactive, participatory, beginner’s workshop designed for those that may have none to little prior studies of bystander intervention and de-escalation.


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Amy Dylan Blake

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